Holy Fire Redeeming the Incarcerated started in, of all places, prison. My best friend (Rodney McGlothlin), well he wasn’t at that time, asked me if I would consider starting a church on the recreation yard. At first I was hesitant, but after prayer I went to him and gave him three (3) condition for accepting his offer. When I explained them to him, he merely laughed. I asked, “What’s so funny?”. He replied, “Those are the exact condition that the LORD showed to me”. Thus began Holy Fire ministries.

We started having church on the rec. yard every Sunday. There was a worship service, that often drew some various reactions, we discussed a name for the church and the one that was decided upon was Holy Fire, we elected deacons and even a treasurer. The pastor was Rodney himself and I was the associate pastor. Each week one of us brought a message and then we would offer an invitation as well. Men’s lives began to radically change. Some men would show up who generally wouldn’t attend church services. The LORD truly blessed us in those beginning years.

Then shortly after that I was granted parole, Thank You Jesus! Then the next step was to take this to the official level. And this is what the LORD has done is just a few short months since my release. Continue to follow along with us and watch what else the LORD will do.