Holy Fire Redeeming the Incarcerated Ministries
Holy Fire Redeeming the Incarcerated Ministries
How it all began.
How it all began.

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Hey it’s a new guy!

This picture does not do David any justice. In fact, I took it shortly after he and I finished some […]

New Respect for Roofers!

I have gain a new found respect for roofers. Today David and I, see Post on Hey it’s a new […]

Open and closed Doors

When one door shuts another opens.  We had intended on becoming an official “Residential Reentry Facility”. However, the city would […]

Not at all what I had expected.

Everything has not gone as planned. But then again the story goes, “If you want to make God laugh tell […]

Update on the remodeling “No cake walk”

We are nearing completion on the remodeling of the house. We are not currently zoned to establish a residential re-entry […]

Remodeling Work

It is now August 29th and the remodeling is still progressing. One of the city inspectors came out and gave […]


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Todd Matthews Sr.

Todd Matthews Sr.

Director of Adminstration
I spent 21 years in prison. It was in those years that the LORD began to mold my life. Make no mistake, God did not send me to prison to teach me a lesson. No, you see my sin brought me to prison. However, once I decided to seriously follow the LORD, that is when the LORD began to use me. I spend 16 of those years on the L.V. Hightower Unit in Dayton, Texas. While on that unit I came across a ministry called 'Kairos' appropriately the Greek word meaning 'God's Timing', the group of men from various churches poured unconditional love into my life. I had been faithfully serving the LORD, but that Kairos Walk #2 radically changed my life. It is to the faithful volunteers, and they know who they are, that has given me much inspiration to reach out to those that are still incarcerated. This is just the beginning of what the LORD has started in my life. I look forward to sharing more of my life with you. In His Service to Serve Others. Pharaoh-Pharaoh let my people go!
Jimmy McGlothlin

Jimmy McGlothlin

Director of Operations
My testimony: My name is Jimmy, my boys at Pop's house call me Jay. Some may wondering just how I am connected in all of this. Well, allow me to explain briefly. My son, Rodney, was on the same unit with Todd Matthews. It was on the Hightower Unit that together they began to have a vision for men coming out of prison. Once Todd was released he began to attend my home church, Evangel Family Outreach in Fort Worth Texas. While attending church I could easily determine that Todd had a passion for not only serving in the church, but also a desire to bring to fruition what the LORD has started in both Todd and my sons life. Shortly thereafter my daughter and her husband moved to another state. That is when the LORD put it upon my heart to use Pop's house as a reentry facility for men coming out of prison. I discussed it with Todd and he took off with the paperwork end of it. I have constantly told Todd just how honored I am to know a man so passionate about as he is about bringing God's vision to past. In less that a year Holy Fire Redeeming the Incarcerated Ministries was off the ground and running headlong into its destiny. My son shall be released soon then hand in hand we will advance the Kingdom together. Come be apart of the vision God has inspired in these young men.
Sue McGlothlin

Sue McGlothlin

My testimony: It is pretty obvious where I fit in. I am the wife of Jimmy, and sort of mom to the boys (men) that are involved with bringing Pop's house to completion. Life has not been without struggles, being the wife of a man that desires to help these men upon release I have had to make additional sacrifices. One sacrifice in general is less time with my husband, as he is out at Pop's house nearly every weekend. In time I realize that the remodeling will be complete and then I will be able to sit back with my husband and enjoy the rewards of our labor. God has been so gracious to us. He has allowed us to be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves. Only eternity will reveal what the LORD has done through Holy Fire Ministries. Feel free to be a part of this vision that has taken wings and flown.

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You are invited to come and be a piece of our present puzzle.
Men that leave prison and have no indication of where the new life beyond the prison walls will take them.
We are in the process of negotiations of a second residential re-entry facility

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