Books by Dr. Rodney A. McGlothlin

Sin. It is, in itself, the seed of all evil. It is the source of repetitive, addictive actions we cannot seem to break, and innately destructive human behavior. Left to our own devices, our hearts become filled with it. If you or someone you love is fighting against the clutches of persistent sin, then Dr. Rodney A. McGlothlin’s ground-breaking Sin is Not Your Master: How to Vanquish the Enemy and Live Triumphantly for Life is the key you need to unlock the door to the way out. Hope and strength can be found in the biblically-based tools outlined within these pages, replete with over 200 verses of life-changing scripture. It promises victory over the Enemy and in the ultimate war for our souls once coupled with the powerful faith and authority found in the Cross, which has already smashed the chains of sin. The author argues that most Christians live far below the calling that God has created and made provisions for. This book opens the door to a loving relationship with God and Jesus Christ, resulting in eternal freedom from sin’s attractive pull, and mastery over one’s flesh. Comprised with thirteen keys to “walk in victory,” and three sections that reveal these progressive lessons, Sin is Not Your Master teaches the biblical, and only, way to permanently defeat ongoing sin.

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