Building a Better Community

Holy Fire Redeeming, where passion meets purpose in the pursuit of positive change. We are more than just a nonprofit organization; we are a place where men can learn to function better in communities. We provide them the tools to become successful, as with any endeavor the change starts with them.

Our goals is to provide the essential tools for our men to become successful once again. Many have made poor choices that have lead to incarceration. This is not the end of the road. This in fact is the beginning of a new road in their lives.

Often the men that come to us are truly looking for that second chances. We teach them that in order to be successful they must make better choices. The choices that they make must be complete. Complete in the fact that instead of thinking what the choices will bring them, they must now look at the complete picture. How will my choices directly affect others in my family and my community?

When you choose Holy Fire you will provide the opportunity for your loved ones to make these new choices in life. Allow us to work directly with your loved one to show that changes are possible. We know that change will not come without challenges or obstacles. Make no mistake about it, this new journey can and will require 100% dedication, here and even after their completion of the program at Holden Acres.


For opportunities to work your loved one will be expected to follow the curriculum that is provide at Holden Acres.


This one is often the most difficult. Accountability doesn’t solely mean that you find the errors in other people lives, but also that you are willing to accept correction from your fellow Brother/Sister as well.

Often I am reminded of a time when I was involved in a program. I was actually placed in a leadership position and the men of the house at that time held me accountable for my actions. Accountability is not one sided that is for sure. It requires both sides to be open to receiving correction as well as lovingly correct.


Everything that we will teach our men will be through love. We teach men to put love into action. This action may look like going next door to Ms. Bonnie’s house and asking her to allow you to mow her yard, at no cost to her. Also, remember when you disciplined your child and you said these famous words, “This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you”. Love is also not one sided. In fact, true love always seeks ways in which the other person gets the better deal. Have you practiced that today?

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