Holden Acres

The Alvarado property, now christened Holden Acres, has been donated to Holy Fire Redeeming by Ms. Bonnie in loving memory of her late husband John Holden. Moving forward we will provide updates on our progress. (View Holden Acres Update on the Home Page) Follow along with us as The Lord quickly transforms this Grave into a Beautiful garden.

Current Projects

The most current project is the re-leveling of the house. We have found a Christian business that will do the leveling for only $2,500. Then to top it off the same business stated that they will install the siding on the house. The siding has been graciously provided by my company and now the LORD has also provided an installer. Much gratitude is expressed towards the volunteers that help meet these two needs.

Future Projects

The next phase is to have the house rewired electrically. We have a current quote of $3,000 to do all the necessary work. After the house has been re-leveled we will be seeking donations for $1,500 for someone to install the metal roof. Metal roofs offer a longer life span, and of course, the LORD blessed us by providing all of the metal roof at absolutely no cost. In the words of Jim Adam;s, “Praise the Name of Jesus!!”

We are still seeking assistance with painting the inside/outside of the house, as well as laying new linoleum flooring. The plumbing is being completed by a Christian that is a certified plumber who will not accept anything for the job.

As we move forward we will be seeking sponsors for the rooms. We are asking for between $1,550 and $2,000 per room. This will provide (2)bed frames, (2) mattresses, (2) dressers, (2) night stands w/lamps, bedding and one single split unit for each room. We will be starting off with three (3) rooms. We will also need sponsors for each of the two bathrooms, as well as the kitchen and living-room. Please get with me if you are able to assist in any of these areas.

Once we have six (6) men in the house we will use their rent to pay utilities as well as prepare for an additional room. We will be self sustaining once the first men arrive in their new home. Please keep all of these matters in your prayers. Until next time, “Be Blessed”.

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