Holden Acres

The Alvarado property, now christened Holden Acres, has been donated to Holy Fire Redeeming by Ms. Bonnie in loving memory of her late husband John Holden. Moving forward we will provide updates on our progress. (View Holden Acres Update on the Home Page) Follow along with us as The Lord quickly transforms this Grave into a Beautiful garden.

Current Fundraiser

We are truly excited about the progress that has been made. As you can see from the pictures the potholes have been filled in and the road to Holden Acres has been drastically improved. We simply could not have done this without the faithful support of our partners.


The trucks that were donated by our partners is deeply appreciated. Several partners stepped up and donated truck loads of crushed limestone. The limestone once compacted will act as concrete. We are now able to driver safely onto the property to begin the needed cleanup process.

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