Healing of the Heart

What exactly is Healing of the heart?

Healing of the Heart is not a physical matter, as in better exercise for better health. It is in fact a deep spiritual healing. Men released from incarceration are deeply hurt by many organizations that call themselves ‘Christian’. They reach out to these organizations while incarcerated only to be beat down for the past crimes. The question quickly comes to mind, “When does mercy step in?” Mercy says, “don’t punish me so harsh for something that I DO deserve”. Think about the phrase, “Throw yourself on the mercy of the court”. What is being said is this, “Yes, I committed the crime, but don’t punish me so harsh for what I deserve. Many men already have come to grips with the fact that what they have done definitely deserves punishment. What they cannot understand is how a ‘church’ doesn’t look past the crimes and seek to help them overcome sin.

Holy Fire Redeeming reaches out to these men and helps them understand that ‘yes’ their past is not readily accepted by everyone in society. Not everyone is eager to accept them back with open arms. But this is not the end. Speaking from personal experience I was not readily accepted back by society, even by my own family. What I was taught was to focus on being myself and not be overly concerned about what others think. Once I understood this concept I came to find out that others began to accept me back.

Healing of the Heart is a Spiritual matter. One that only the Word of God can truly heal. We can only point them into the right direction for a better future.

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