Holden Acres Update

Current Updates and Needs

This section is designed to help each of you understand what is currently transpiring at our Alvarado location, as well as some of our needs.

The land is 100% paid for absolutely zero mortgage. We are in the second phase of becoming an (ARH) Approved Resource Housing for TDCJ. They will be scheduling a time to come and view the property. Please keep this in your prayers. The property at this time is NOT up to living standards, but we are not letting that stand in the way of moving forward. Johnson County has stated once TDCJ approves us then we will be tax exempt in regards to property taxes. Thank you Jesus! We will be running a Christian based program at this location. Some of the things that will be taught are the following: Finance classes, Accountability classes and Job Employment classes to name a few. We already have two businesses that have stated that they are willing to hire ex-felons that we will be bringing home. We have been blessed to have a Christian business to do the re-leveling of the house. They have also stated that they will do the siding as well. With humility I am grateful for the two Kairos volunteers that have meet those needs.

Needs: As each need is met I will relocate it above with the update.

1). We have a quote of $3,000 to do the complete electrical

2). We are in the process of asking the Christian business re-leveling and installing our siding to install the roof for $1,500

3). After the house has been properly leveled I will be working on the inside; painting rooms, touching up floors and laying down the linoleum flooring.

4). The plumbing has been spoken for, as a Christian man that I know has volunteered to fix the plumbing at no cost. Thanks again Jesus!

Your prayers are desperately needed, however, prayer alone will not accomplish this task. We truly appreciate each donations, but we believe that if others would be willing to donate $50 or $100 regularly each month for only a year, we can be up and running well before December.

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