Prayers needed.

We are no longer able to become a Residential Re-entry facility. One thing that is required is that we submit […]

Front of the house

This cross was donated once the front of the house was completed. Thanks Rick and Michelle (Click the + to read more)

After Picture

This was a slow process that took several weekends. (Click the
+ to read more)

Inside the house #2

We even let the owner get involved in a little bit of the action. (Click the + to read more)

The House

Come and see all of the hard work that was put into this house.
(Click the + to read more)

During the Building

Together Everyone Achieves More. The only thing poured into this house was “Sweat Equity”. Long hot afternoons men poured their lives into something that they believe in. (Click the + to read more)

Food Bank Order

The very first food bank order was an awesome blessing. We had ordered 500 pounds of food and the food bank gave us 750 pounds at the 500 pound cost. Again, the LORD was saying that I will be the sole provider for this ministry. (Click the + to read more)


This is how it all began. A group of ex-felons straight out of prison, along with the owner began every Saturday working on turning this house into Holy Fire’s first residential re-entry facility. (Click the + to read more)