Testimony of Success

Testimony by D.K.

When I came to Holy Fire Redeeming I had just been recently released from prison. I had checked with several halfway houses and ministries but no one was willing to give me that second chance that I so desperately needed. Somehow, I stumbled across Holy Fire Ministries, when I explained the situation that I was in they eagerly accepted me. They did not judge me for my past, they simply wanted to help me be successful once again. This was a little difficult to understand at first because I kept asking myself what do they really want. After several months I came to the understanding that what they truly wanted was for me to be successful. Once I embraced this concept I felt at home.

I was able to successfully reunite with my wife and family. Now several years have past since my release and I am truly successful and I owe a lot of that to this ministry. The fact that I wasn’t judged really helped me out. This allowed me to focus on building a strong relationship with my wife. I occasionally stop back in just to say hello and find out what new thing has been happening. I plan on visiting Holden Acres to see if I can hook the first Bass. It is my understanding that there is a little competition between Todd and Ms. Bonnie. He caught the first Crappie and she caught the first Catfish. Who knows maybe I’ll be able to add my name to the one who caught the first Bass.

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