I have updated several of our visions, however, this one still rings true.

The true vision of our heart is to share the love of Christ with all of humanity. We have a special emphasis towards ministering to the Spiritual and physical needs of those who are not only incarcerated but those released from prison as well.

Another vision of our heart is to assist men coming out of prison. In my short time since release, I have seen men lost in a daze of confusion. They seem to be stuck in limbo. What will I do? How will I survive? Will anyone give me a job as an ex-felon, surly not? Some even whisper to themselves, “I was doing better in prison.” Without help these men will catch the same door going back into prison before it even has a chance to close.

Don’t misunderstand me, I fully realize that a man himself must be prepared. One way that he can do that is by staying involved in Christian curriculum. You see if a man can’t begin his new life in the “free world” while he is in prison, then he is merely fooling himself. ┬áVery few men who fool themselves rarely will be able to succeed once they are released.

True success is founded on and in Jesus Christ. He is our Chief Cornerstone. If HE is not set in place from the very beginning then our foundation will fail. The LORD uses different avenues for helping us to build on that foundation.

Here are a few that helped me while I was incarcerated, as well as after.

  1. Crossnet on Monday Nights
  2. Discipleship classes (On Wednesday nights-#3 was usually the best, but then I was partial to that particular one).
  3. The Faith based dorm
  4. Kairos (Shout out to all Kairos #2)
  5. Shalom Bible College and Seminary
  6. Freedom Academy
  7. New Name Ministries residential re-entry facility
  8. Evangel Family Outreach (My home church)
  9. The list goes on and on.

The adage says, “If you want to get something out of anything, then the amount that you receive is measured by the amount you pour yourself into that particular thing.”